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    :confused:Looking to mount a 3-12 x 44 scope on my Stag model 1. I prefer the handle off to do this but notice that the fixed front sight is visible in scope. I know I can use taller rings or a combination of rings plus riser mount to get high enough to accomplish this but I was wondering if anyone has gone through this drill already and cares to you share thier findings?

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    Welcome to the FTF Community. A lot of the members would like it if you stop by the Introduction section and tell us a little about yourself and why you are here. That I will leave up to you.

    Findings? As in the proper height to get co-witness with the scope? Or what they did to alleviate the problem?

    I would recommend dumping the front ramped sight and getting some fold down, snap up, back up iron sights, but it is a personal thing to each shooter.