Stag Arms Quality Review

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by RMTactical, May 27, 2011.

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    Stag Arms produce good AR rifles! With excellent AR Receivers and parts! His father owns Continental Machine who make receivers for some *ten +* different companies. Continental Machine is a top quality producer of AR Receivers and parts. I would mach their quality with any of the others in the industry. I know some think others are Cooler and the Chicks Dig It! But they are fine receivers and rifles and have a very respectable place in the industry. Not to mention if your son owns a rifle manufacturing company you are going to see that he acquires the best quality parts you can produce! Rest My Case!;)


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    You would hope so right. Who knows in a time w/ its fair share of "Teutuls".

    We're fortunate to have such a large selection of quality ARs at reasonable prices. I wouldn't mind prices coming down some more though.

    Ive been a proponent of manufacturers/brands such as BCM, DD, and Spikes because of their overall value. At times its been quite frustrating reading threads outlining how someone has paid hard earned money for a lower quality rifle, when they could have had something better for the same money or less. But it all comes down to personal need.

    I know guys who love Stag and shoot the crap out of them. The last time I checked prices theres still better values out there. If you're into piston operated ARs Stag is an awesome value. Ive heard nothing but good things about their piston gun and it has a respectable price tag.