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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Murfdog, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Murfdog

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    I know you guys are on top of the ar15.I was wondering what you think of the stag arms model8 piston ar15.For around 1000.00 is this a good buy.How does stag rate for quality and dependability.


  2. AgentTikki

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    I had one.
    Put about 1k rounds through it.
    I sold it.

    Recoil impulse sucked. The tinging sound of metal on metal as the piston drove the BCG always made me cringe. Felt recoil was a lot more than any of my other DIs. Its piston system is markedly heavier than a Di. Made the rifle front heavy.

    Changed my whole opinion of pistons systems, I am now a diehard Di-man.

    One a side note, I called Stage a few time to resolve the issue of the recoil impulse, they were unhelpful. But when I had an issue with one of the MI buis and they took care the problem with no fuss. They sent me a replacement, and a prepaid envelop to send the old one back. Pretty damn sweet service.

  3. kryptar19

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    Stag makes some of the best AR's on the market. I really suggest just to get a DI gun. In my opinion, piston AR's came too late to make a real difference in AR functionality and reliability. If piston ARs had come out 10 years earlier there probably wouldn't be DI guns anymore.
  4. mayscat44

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    I am waiting on my first AR to get to my local gun shop via Fedex right now, and it happens to be a Stag Arms model 8L. I did a little research and most owners really like this weapon. There are several youtube videos on the model 8 that are very helpful and encouraging. Being a left I needed a LH di or a gas-piston if I didn't want a face-full of gas everytime I shoot. The Stag model 8L was both AND affordable. Can't wait to shoot it, I think I'm gonna like the flip-up diamondheads!