Stag Arms lower... what do I do???

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by MEK37, Oct 30, 2008.

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    I bought a Stag Arms stripped lower. What are some good compliant parts that would make this a descent rifle? I am not looking for a sniper, but a solid reliable weekend shooter. I want to know what type of barreled upper/ lower parts are good for my use? thank you !!!
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    check out my AR-15 in my sig

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    Stag is MILSPEC and any upper you get from Rock River, Bushmaster, Stag of course, or other manufacturers should be fine. By "weekend shooter" I assume you're not looking to sink a lot into a match barrel. A decent Stag carbine upper would run you about $490 complete with BCG. (see here, for example)

    Look around on for a lower parts kit and a stock. You'll find pretty good prices there.
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    The above posts are both correct, but I too bought a Stag, and just went all Stag to keep it simple. Just my $.02
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    stag and optics

    Bought two optics for real fun..Try the Nikon Monarch red dot. Sweet....

    For 100 and 200 yds. bought a Nikon 3x9 prostaff. you ought to see the tight groups with this 1/9 barrel. Lots of fun and people at the range are amazed at asome of the groupings I am getting at those distances....I love this Stag:
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    If you want a "Mil spec" upper, look into the LMT or the Bravo Company offerings. You will pay more, but they are better quality parts (ie magnetic particle tested, 1/7 twist, ect).

    You need to also consider a few things.
    What type of barrel (HBAR, Med-contour, light-weight)?
    What type of gas system (carbine or mid length)?

    Personally I don't mind a heavy barrel. I have a RRA 16" in HBAR with a mid-length gas system and I love that thing. I run a RRA 9mm buffer (heavier) and I have very little trouble with follow up shots. RRA also has a two stage trigger.

    I also have a STAG 16" with a gov-profile M4gery (N203 cuts) barrel and a carbine gas system. I also run a 9mm buffer in it and it follows up quick, but not as quick as the middy.

    Both of my rifles are parst guns, but I used RRA upper/lower and STAG upper/lower parts.

    Spend your cash on a good stock. I have a CTM from magpul and I recommend it. Not the MOE stock, but the actual CTM with friction lock.

    I'd also say find a grip that suites you well. The MOE from magpul is a great bargin as long as you feel comfortable with the slightly thicker grip (I do).

    Get some Break free CLP. The AR likes to be lubed. Keep it lubed and it will serve you well.

    Save your cash and skip the fore rail up front. Spend that on ammo. The AR is a blast to shoot and the more you shoot the more comfortable and effective you will be.
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    Merged the two threads - it would appear you are getting great info in both, so I put it all in one place.

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    Compliant with what? You need to explain this before you take anyone's recommendations on parts.
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    :) first great choice in the stagg i would go to brownells web site they have lots of info ten years ago i bought a DVD from a friend of mine and that's how i learned and I've never had a bad one
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    Tommy just and FYI - you responded to a post that is over 2 1/2yrs old. The member has not been on FTF in over 2yrs.

    Thanks for trying anyhow ;)
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