Stag Arms 15-M-2

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by BVictorious, May 5, 2012.

  1. BVictorious

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    I'm considering joining the Marine Corps and I am looking for my first AR style rifle to practice for the rifle qualification. I know that the Marine Corps have used the M16A2 to qualify, so I was wondering about the Stag Arms version of it. Anything good? Anything bad? Any input would be appreciated.

    Also, any tips or info on joining the Corps?
  2. kryptar19

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    Stagarms makes a great AR15 rifle. The guns come very accurate out of thhe box. However, they are very tight actions so you may encounter some feeding issues with cheap steel ammo early on. I had this problem, but after about 500 rds of brass ammo thru it I had no problems with the steel.

    I have the Stag mod 1 A2 style with a 16" bull barrel, and I couldn't ask for a better rifle.

    As far as the corps goes, I am just a civvie. Can't tell you a thing that you probably don't already know.

    Thank you for considering service.

  3. BenLuby

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    First, welcome!! Secondly, what's your budget and how much are you paying for the Stag?
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    Depending on how long it is until you enter boot camp I would not buy a firearm or start learning to shoot the AR15. They will train you and you will have a harder time un-learning bad habits. You will not be able to get home for more than a week in the first year depending on school and MOS. It might be several years until you are able to bring personal firearms onto base and check them into the Armory. You may not even be in this Country for 3 years.

    I admire your concerns about firearm qualifications, but unless you are having a Marine train you, don't do it on your own. The guys who have never shot a firearm do just as good if not better than the guys who grew up with them. 1/2 the reason is bad habits, the other 1/2 is ego.