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    one of my local dealers has started keeping stag ar15 in stock. what im wanting to know is this brand good,bad. what is ur opinion. im not new to guns, but very new to ars as i do not own one yet and i do want one. he is asking 850.00, but i could get him down to 800.00 im sure. ur thoughts would greatly help.
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    What model are you looking at?

    AN AR for $850 I would jump all over that in a heart beat. I got a great deal on mine for $959.

    I just bought my first SUR a RRA Predator Pursuit Rifle.

  3. Shihan

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    Man, I am so cheap I got mine for $699. If you like it, get it. Worth whatever your willing to pay, I suppose.
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    tango, on stags web page they have it listed as model 1 and from what i can tell from the pic online that is the one i was checking out yesterday, they have it listed for 949.00. so unless i hear or see something from u guys im prob going to get a soon as i can because i think i can get it out the door for 850.00
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    Stag is a great brand to go with. They are basically made by Continental Machine & Tool (ie- CMT), who have been in the firearms biz for a long time. CMT makes quite a few parts for most of the other manufacturers of AR's out there, so they know what they are doing.

    The Stag Model 1 is one of their entry level models, but is still a great way to get into AR's. And the best thing about the AR platform, it is very easy to upgrade and modify to what you want it to look and perform like, just by switching out parts.

    If you can get that one for $800 to $850 that isn't too bad. There is a site that I will link here, where I recommended Tango to look for his Rock River. The name of the site is (aka - Legal Transfers, LLC). Here's their link:

    If you notice on that page, he lists a Model 1 complete upper assembly for $504 - complete with the bolt carrier assembly and bolt.

    The reason I point that out is...if you scroll to the bottom of the that page, you see an "Add a Rifle Kit" for $140 - that has all the parts to build a complete lower assembly - EXCEPT for the lower receiver.

    If you are following along, the two would cost = $644. can do this a few different ways. IF you are willing to LEARN more about your AR, you can do so, by ASSEMBLING your own lower receiver. can do it. ;) Quite a few of the folks on here already have, and are a great source of info and encouragement.

    So, if you go to this link:

    Dynamic Armament

    you can buy a COMPLETE Stag lower receiver assembly for $275. Now, the lower receiver is the ONLY part of the AR that is registered. So you would have to buy it through a dealer or FFL. Unless you can find a complete lower assembly in your area, you'll most likely have to pay a Transfer Fee to have that assembly sent to your dealer, where you can pick it up.

    If you buy the lower assembly separate from the upper assembly, it normally saves you a few bucks in taxes and fees, too. could buy the first two items I showed, from AR15Sales, then buy a stripped lower receiver. The rifle kit above has all the parts you'll need to put your stripped lower together.

    Again, from Dynamic Armament, Dyamic Armament - Stag receiver you can buy a STAG lower receiver, stripped, for $99.99.

    Okay...let's do the math. The first way, buy the upper, the rifle kit, and the stripped lower.

    Upper = $504
    Rifle Kit = $140
    Lower = $100
    Transfer= $50 (I purposely went high there, depends on your dealer)

    = $794 :eek: WOOOHOOO !!!

    Now...let's look at the second way...

    Upper = $504
    Lower assy = $275
    Transfer = $50 (I purposely went high there, depends on your dealer)
    =$829 Again...not too bad.

    So either way, you'll come in UNDER $850, and have a complete STAG Model 1. If you look at the AR15Sales site, he lists all the other model upper assemblies, too. So by picking one of the others, you can put together any model of Stag you want, and know how much it would cost you.

    Just a few ideas for you. Pete, at, is an excellent guy to do business with, ask Tango. He isn't the most warm/friendly person in the world, but is very knowledgeable, and provides excellent service, too.

    Anyway, good luck, and welcome to the world of SUR's.

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    Stag makes a very nice gun. I bought mine last summer. I have shot about 800 rounds through it, and i love it. I really love the company because of all of the left handed models, as i shoot lefty.
  7. jbd

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    slowryde, thanks for taking the time to help. im still not sure witch way im going to do it, but im sure im going with the stag brand. it will still be a couple months before i can start but im going to look into all the info u sent, and i will keep u guys updated. thanks for all ur advice.