SR9C very stiff slide

Discussion in 'Ruger Handgun Forum' started by jammer, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I've had my SR9C for 3 or 4 months and have put about 500 rounds thru it and the slide is still very hard to operate. Does this get easier after more rounds are run thru it? Haven't had any failures of any kind. I've watched "Handguns" on TV and they just operate the slide with 2 fingers and it looks so easy. I've got to use the whole hand on there and it's still tough.
    Thanks, John
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    John, quite possible it will get a little easier with more rounds through it, as most do. but i think the reason is because it's a compact pistol. most compacts utilize stiff recoil springs to counter the action of the slide over such a short distance when fired. usually the shorter the barrel and the slide, the stiffer the recoil spring. lot of it will also have to do with the weight of the slide. a lighter weight slide requires a stiffer spring usually as well.

    IMO, it sounds normal. might get a gunsmith to check it out to make sure. or maybe compare it to another SR9C to see if it has about the same amount of spring resistance. pretty sure it's normal.

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    I know your pain! my Full Sized SR9 was also very stiff the first 4-500 rounds. I'm now closing on 1K through her, and i will say that as long as it's fed factory ammo or "Factory" reloads she just chuggs along...3" groups or less at 25 yds. from the rest...2" single holes at 10 yds. on shoot n C targets...

    Practice working your slide and changing Empty mags! Also do some extra cleaning & lube work on your slide. I use Frog Lube or CLP on the internals, but i also use remington oil, both the wipes and the spray can....get some extra on your slide rails and you will notiuce the difference! Worked for me on both my LC9 & the SR!!! Good Luck!:D
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    TV is the worse place to get your firearms knowledge.
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    It will lighten up. Had the same gun and noticed the same thing. What I did was sit around at night watching TV and I would rack the slide and dry fire over and over. I pretty much do this with all of my centerfire pistols. Helps with the break in process.
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    Yes its very normal. Mine is still and it is reliable as can be. Doesn't sound like anything to worry about. I have probably the same amount of rounds thru it and it is still pretty stiff.
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    The slide on mine is still hard to manipulate and I have about 600 rounds thru mine.