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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by millerw289, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. millerw289

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    Got the new SR9c yesterday and couldn't wait to shoot it today. I went out with a "ton" of firepower and a bunch of guns.

    The first two mags in my SR9c were flawless. I couldn't believe how nice the trigger was and it hits right where you hold. Then it started. Failure to eject after failure to eject. I had about 7 to 8 failures to eject in 150 rounds. It also seemed to only happen with my 10 round mag. (I did have a few with the 17 round mag) I was shooting cheap blazer ammo with aluminum casing. I never had this trouble with my g19.

    Anyway, I went home and loaded up some Remington UMC and it did it again. 17 round mag was fine, and the 10 round mag had a failure to eject.

    During these failure to ejects I have to use my pocket knife to get the casing out of the barrel.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I did not clean the slide and everything of the grease that it seemed to be dipped in. But I don't see how that would affect the ejection of the casing. Is there a "break-in" period? Do I need to call Ruger and send it in? I absolutely love the gun but I can't help but wish I would have purchased the g26.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. danf_fl

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    All things need to be the same in the magazine lip area. Check that.
    Normally, I allow 500 rounds as a break-in period.

    Clean everything, then re-lube. Then try a range session. Leaving the factory junk on could lead to problems (especially if too much was left in the barrel).

    Keep track of the ammo lot numbers if using new ammo (and you should for the break-in period, don't allow someone to say you used "Hot" reloads and broke the handgun).

    Good luck

  3. millerw289

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    Would the magazine have anything to do with the casing ejecting? It doesn't seem relevant, but I have definitely been wrong before.
  4. m260gt

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    i have put about 500 rounds through my SR9c and i havent had a single problem with it. i love it. i did clean off the grease that was inside the slide though. thats what i was told to do when i bought it. so id clean that and then try again. ive used a bunch of different kinds of ammo and havent had a problem. hope that helps
  5. millerw289

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    What did you clean all that "gunk" out with and how did you do it? Did you have to take it apart? apart from field stripping it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. CA357

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    When I brought mine home I didn't even field strip it. I ran just two patches down the barrel and went to the range.

    I did a full range report on it's first trip to the range and its first 300 rounds here:

    I had it to the range last Saturday and ran 150 rounds of Winchester NATO 124gr. FMJ through it. In both trips it operated flawlessly.

    Is it possible that you're limp wristing it a bit? Maybe try a different 10 rounder? If it continues to give you problems, send it back to Ruger for service. They're very good and usually pretty fast.