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  1. Daoust_Nat

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    I have a SR9c with about 5000 rounds through it. It is starting to have some failure to fires, which leave me with a round with a light striker mark on the cartridge.

    The gun is going into battery, it is just hanging up and not firing too often. It is not the recoil spring, as it does not stovepipe. Could it be the firing pin spring? I do not take the firing pin out when I clean the firearm, perhaps I should.

    Any suggestions? This firearm has been a cold weather (at least in the 60s here in Central Florida) carry gun, but will not be this year until I figure this out.

  2. Dallas53

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    personally i'd start with the simplest of things. first do a complete disassemble of the slide and clean it really well. very lightly oil the firing pin spring. as in put a little bit of gun oil on your fingers and very lightly coat the spring.

    second with that many rounds, it might be time to think about new springs. i would replace them with factory springs or OEM type springs to keep everything functioning as it should.

  3. Daoust_Nat

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    I went to You Tube and found a video on taking out the striker. Went and did so. REALLy dirty. Now that I know how to clean that I will do it way more often.

    I do believe I will replace that striker spring though, and may do the recoil spring just because it can be the sam order from Ruger.

    I will take it to the range and tomorrow and see if it functions better.
  4. Dakota1

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    Yes, at 5,000 rounds, carbon & other fouling mixes with oil in the firing pin channel & forms a thick sludge that slows down the firing pin's travel.

    That's why NO lube is recommended in that area; if you want total reliability, it should be dry.
  5. Daoust_Nat

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    Well I took the firearm to the range today. It performed almost flawlessly. About 150 rounds through it, and one light primer strike on a Sellier & Bellot 115 gr FMJ. This is Czech ammo sold at a local store at a decent price. My Shield handles it flawlessly, but the Ruger choked on it Monday.

    I will still look to change out the striker spring, but will definitely be cleaning the channel more often..

    I think this one is solved, and I learned something, which is always a good thing.
  6. Werminator

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    Sounds like it still isn't quite solved. I have never had a failure from S&B in my SR9 full size. Striker springer should put you back on easy street...