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  1. OldSarge1

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    I've owned an SR22 for awhile and I have no significant issues with the function with the exception of an intermittent failure to feed with one of the magazines. That's a project for another day.

    My question to other owners of the same pistol is about barrel leading. I find that every time I shoot the weapon it is necessary to remove the barrel from the frame and de-lead it. I have never owned a pistol that leaded up as much and in such a short period of time as this one does. Other than the extra work involved in cleaning the gun, I find it a pleasure to shoot.

    Any other folks out there experience similar issues?
  2. wieseman71

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    My wife has the sr 22, owned it for about a year. We do just a basic cleaning after each range visit never had a buildup problem. Might be your ammo, we use federal, blaser and Cci with no problems.

  3. aikimo

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    We have about 1000 rounds through our sr22 and just cleaned it for the first time.. There was a lot of residue but the gun was still shooting like a champ.. I think that is the nature of 22s..