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I recently purchased my first .45 - a Springfield XDS. I like this gun a lot but would like a better range gun. I like what I read about Ruger's entry into the 1911 market with the SR1911. So it comes down to trying to decide if I want the venerable 1911 or something with a modern design like an XD45 or .45 ACP. I would like to be able to do some match shooting one day. Any suggestions on which way to go. Around here we don't have any place to rent and try out guns.
I have a great fondness for the .45 caliber, both ACP and .45 Colt. I also have a Springfield XDS that I use as a carry gun. I like 1911's and own several. I recently bought a Ruger SR1911 and I think it's a great 1911. It has a good trigger and eats anything I put in it. It is my current favorite toy:) I also have a Springfield XDM45 that is on my dresser every night. The triggers are not comparable as the XDM is striker fired, but both are very easy to hit with. The advantage of the XDM is magazine capacity. I would suggest that if you can't rent guns near you that you at least go to a gunshop and handle some different models. Some will just feel better to you. Good luck in your search.
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