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    I got my son an SR22 for Christmas but he broke his wrist last Wednesday riding his bike over a small patch of ice on his way to school. Never one to see a gift go to waist on a nice day I thought best to put the scope on it. Well then it looked sad just sitting there totally unfired.


    Got it pretty close to sighted in at 25 yards then moved to 50 and tried several types of ammo.

    I figured that the Federal Gold Medal's would be great. I can keep 10 rounds touching with no wind on my 10/22, though it's set up for target shooting. But nothing held for $hit at 50 yards. I was thinking the gun itself just sucked for accuracy. Red circles are the aim points


    The last box that I had in the bag was the Remington Target Rifle's which I've never had any luck with. But the first two shots touched, clicked the scope a little to the right, and the next two touched, so I clicked it down a few more time and dropped 16 more shots though.
    I had three rounds left in the box so I put them in and hit three other stickers.


    Fun little gun for sure. I'm not sure my 12 year old wont have to share it with me when we go to the range.
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