Sprinkler System for lawn

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    Need to vent!

    This is an fyi for the home buyers out there that houses have built-in sprinkler system for the lawn. Get a layout and if building, have the sprinkler system on the outside instead of crossing center yard, good distance away from any trees(s).

    Whoever layed the sprinkler system for the lawn ready created a mess. They have the pipe coming from mainline to center of the lawn sprinkler head and inturn it branches off into a T section to feed the 2 other sprinkler heads. And 1 of the feeds into 3 sprinkler heads and the other does not. Worst part is the original builders put a tree 2.5 feet from the sprinkler in the center. :eek:

    No way to repair the center sprinkler head, the tree roots were just to thick.

    Now, they have to lay new line around the yard. Lucky, the from yard is only 400 sq ft or slightly more.