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    Anyones opinon on what I should ask for im trying to working out a deal on trading this Springfield 45 I have at a pawn shop that is a gun shop. So it is used has not been fired that much I would say highest 400 rounds at most. I have the case and it has double mag holder, holster, speed loader, two brushes, two Allan wrenches ,7 rd mag, lock everything it came with initionally Also extra I have 4 13rd magazines w/extensions and a fobus paddle holster. I want to try and trade hopefully for a new glock 43 for my lady it's what she likes everything about it. I've looked at prices for everything and guess about what everything in respect is worth esp what the market is for a .45 and people just not buying them up. A guy told me at his range where he sells guns he'd take it on consignment for about 3 350. Idk I'd rather go out and just see what I could find. Not to worried about cash but I don't mind getting rid of it cause I'm not very fond of it.
    Sorry not looking to sell online thru gunbroker or anything just not what I want to do but wondered what others may say try see what I could offer in trade at a shop. Not looking to tie it up on some site doing extra leg work just simply go to some places I know and you know trade and pay what's left. It's not a big deal I can just go buy one and keep it in the collection