Springfield Ultra Compact Stainless .45

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Hollander, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Hollander

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    Took my new Springfield Ultra Compact Stainless .45 to the range today. This gun is my first .45. I was a little curious regarding the recoil since I shoot mostly 9mm. Before going to the range the gun was cleaned and lubed and I also racked the slide by hand 200 times. First shot a little low since I had to figure out the sights. After that it was just tearing out the same general hole at 9 feet and then 21 feet. The gun is fun to shoot and no problems with the recoil. Put 50 rds of Reminton fmj and 50 rounds of Federal fmj. No problems at all. Just kept shooting out the same area of the target. After a hundred or so more then some sd rounds and it should be good to go. It is a nice Christmas from the wife that so far has performed perfectly and is a nice addition to my other pistols.
  2. lonyaeger

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    Nice, enjoy the new pistol!

  3. 7point62

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    The 45 recoil is something you grow to love, you learn its rock. I've been a confirmed 1911-aholic for more than 40 years and carry the SA 1911 GI Champ in 4". I'm a traditionalist when it comes to 1911s, but I've conceded to losing an inch of barrel for concealed carry. Good luck with your new 45.
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    Excellent, congratulations. :cool:
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    Is "ultra compact" a defender-size or larger? Just remember, it is harder to buy the recoil springs for anything smaller than an officer size. You might need to buy something from Springfield directly. I'm only suggesting you have it on-hand before you actually need it.