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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by xdm11chad, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. xdm11chad

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    Can someone explain to me why the TRP is 1500 bucks ok it's got a couple features but are they really worth all that
  2. smoooth308

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    Don't have one but I know someone who does and he says it's just as good if not better than his higher priced Wilson combats.

  3. danf_fl

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    I believe that a TRP makes an extra trip to the custom shop at SA.

    If you could compare the TRP to one that is similiar in the SA line up, I think you would see and feel differences.
  4. bartwatkins

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    I have an SA loaded model....
    I can tell you this - the TRP has some pretty significant upgrades to my pistol.
    Such as:
    Match barrel & bushing with throating and polished feed ramp
    Improved slide to frame fitting
    Improved/tuned trigger
    Front strap checkering
    S&A MSH/Magwell combo
    Reliability tuned

    So, if you are asking if the TRP is "worth it" from a dollar standpoint in that if you purchased a loaded model or mil-spec model or GI model and then sent the gun the the SA Custom Shop and pay them to do these upgrades seperately (they have a "TRP Package" that can be done to any of these guns) then yes - it is worth it simply as a value for the price charged versus buying another gun and then adding these things.

    However, is it "worth it" to you to get a TRP versus another SA model line? That is another question entirely. My SA Loaded was a reliable, accurate & fine production gun right out of the box. I can tell you that, slowly but surely, over the last 2500 rounds - I have basically performed all of these upgrades myself to mine (minus the front strap checkering). I now have more $$ in my loaded than a stock TRP would cost you. I will never recoup that money. But I loved tinkering and doing these things myself and that has great personal value to me (ie... "worth it" to me - even though it cost more).

    Also, the TRP - while a great gun - is also still a production gun. I am quite sure that anyone who has one absolutely loves it. But the notion that it is the equivalent to a Wilson or other semi-custom 1911 is just not true. Those are an entirely different level of 1911 that have hand fitting of each part. Apples and oranges, I'm afraid.
  5. limbkiller

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    The TRP is a great gun. Worth 1500 I don't know. That is a little high priced to me. I would look at DW for that kind of money. Maybe a used LB or EB if in great condition if I could find one. My buddy just got a used LB like new for that price and man what a gun. I've seen TRPs for 1325-1350 new.
  6. canebrake

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    It's been rubbed on.

    Every time human hands touch a production gun the selling price AND the gun's value increases.

    If its overpriced it will not sell and they will stop making them.

    At half the going price of the FBI's SA TRP-PRO OPR that it's modeled after, it's a steel. (No pun intended)
  7. CHLChris

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    The Springfield TRP is the 1911 I want back in my collection. I have owned 4 different 1911's, but went away from the platform for money reasons. I'm ready to buy another 1911, but this time my purposes are more clear to me. I really don't plan on carrying it, and I'm not a competitor (yet). I want a shooter that is gorgeous! I can't really justify more than $1500 for that pleasure.

    I just want a 1911 that has all the bells and whistles, has a great warranty (this excludes Kimber), and is made by a US company. And I really want pride of ownership. That pretty much leaves me with Colt and Springfield. Even the top production Colt doesn't quite have the bells and whistles as the top production SA at the same price. I suppose Dan Wesson is in that category, but...

    This has led me to be saving my shekels for a Springfield TRP. Now...hmmmm...Armory Kote or stainless?

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    I agree. But a pretty woman in a silky black dress is just as wonderful.
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    Completely agreed.