Springfield Micro G.I.

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    I picked one up in a trade. Its in nice shape with only 250 rounds down the pipe. I'm thinking of making this a bit nicer of a gun, but I have some questions. Is this the series 70 or 80 firing system? Can I add an extended bevertail safety, new hammer, and trigger? Also What is the cut for the sites? The first thing that I will be adding is an ambidextrous safety as I am a lefty. As far as value I think I can do all this and still come out even if I ever sell it. I have about 375 total into it. Thanks

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    Series 70 and 80 are Colts, but Springfield is much like the series 70 firing system, no firing pin block.
  3. herp_man2003

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    Here is the gun porn for ya.
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    The front sight looks to be a post. No joy for the DIY'er. Rear looks to be a standard GI. Typical hump & bump.

    Sights on a "mouse gun" are the least used item and IMHO, irrelevant to accuracy. This is a PD weapon and as such, a point shooter. IOW, a Fight Shooter's gun. If you want to competitive shoot, get a gun with a real barrel!

    My best experience for the grip safety is a Wilson "Drop in". It really was a drop-in. (See photo below)

    Beavertail Grip Safety | Drop-In | Commander | Blue-Wilson Combat

    Changing hammers is not something for the novice to DIY. You can go from crappy trigger pull to full auto in just a few file swipes! BATFE loves those guys and rewards them with a visit to Club Fed.

    The Mainspring housing is a simple swap and with the "mouse" gun the addition of a S&A mag-guide adds some much needed purchase real estate. (See photo below)

    Smith & Alexander - "The Mag-Guide People"

    Call Aaron at Trip Research (877.837.9445) and tell him what gun you have and ask him to build you an 8 round, Gen II Cobra Mag w/base pad. Tripp's are the best 1911 mags on earth and this will also give your pinkie some aforementioned purchase. (Tell Aaron one like canebrake's) Once you use this mag you will be back ordering more. Read this:

    Tripp’s Cobra Magazine Test


    My Defender with an 8rd Cobra Mag and Alloy Base Pad for the Officer model 1911.

    Hey, you asked.....and I'm Olympic at spending other people's money!
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    Hint for diy types concerning hammer/trigger/sear stuff:

    Use only 1 live round followed by a snap cap or dummy round. This way if you make a booboo you can toss the f'd up part without some holier than thou scum bag calling the batfe on you. A visual inspection over the course of 50 shots or so in that manner will determine if your work is causing a failure
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    No you can't. The slide has a standard GI slot for the rear sight and no slot for a front one so it has to be milled for aftermarket sights and that costs a fair chunk of money because you then have to refinish the slide too. By the time you do everything on your list, assuming you use a reputable gunsmith, you are the price point of a new "Loaded" and you still just have an "enhaced" GI worth about $400. Aftermarket parts add nothing to the value for resell and actually deter some folks like me that distrust other folks "gunsmithing" abilities.

    You did get a good deal for $375. I would try to sell it for $450 and add the money you would have used on parts and labor and get a model that already has what you want on it from the factory.