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    Finally made it to the range on Saturday and put some lead downrnage. Please let me qualify my report by stating that I have only fired one other 1911 (a Kimber) and my handgun experience is limited to my usage of the military Baretta and my concealed carry Taurus PT745. Having said that...

    OH MY GOD, IS THIS GUN SWEET! I can't believe how well it fits my hand. The only mod I have made is the additon of Pearce finger grips to the front strap and I am VERY happy with them. I put 150 rds of 230 grain FMJ ball ammo through the weapon with no FTF or FTE. Unfortunately, the outdoor range was configured in such a way that I was unable to fire at varying distances, so I was limited to 20 yards. I was shooting 4 inch groups at that distance. Considering my unfamiliarity with this particulary weapon, I'll take that all day long. I can certainly shrink that down with more range time. It was putting the rounds where I pointed and that's what's important. Recoil was minimal and very manageable. In fact it was MUCH less than my Taurus which accomanied me to the range. My 15 yr old son (who also accompanied me to the range) even commented on the difference in recoil between the two weapons. The sights were absolutely fantastic and made target acquisition quick and painless. I have "tested" the sights in the dark (not, however, at the range) and can testify that they glow VERY brightly in the dark and, again, make target acquisition very rapid. I am presently using two Wilson Combat 8 rnd magazines and one Chip McCormick 8 rnd Power Mag. All functioned flawlessly. The weapon ejected the magazines perfectly, but there seems to be a slight hang up upon insertion approximately half way in requiring a very slight "bump" on the bottom of the mag to get it to seat. Not sure if this is typical of the 1911 or not (given I'm a neophyte with this particular firearm). Not something that was particularly worrisome, but more of a nuisance. The weapon seemed to be extremely dirty following the range session as well. Admittedly, I was using inexpensive ammo, so that may have something to do with it. The only future modification I'd like to make is a SA magwell. Other than that, I like her just the way she is. I even like the "stock" grips! At any rate, my first outing with this pistol left me wanting more! I foresee a few more of these wonderful guns in the safe at some point in my future! I plan on running some JHP rounds through it next weekend and will post my findings. Hope my report here isn't too pedestrian for the "gray beards" lurking around...

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    Not at all and welcome to the club...

    The only problem with the 1911 platform is that there like Pringles Potato Chips. YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE ONE!
    After 16 years of CCW, pistol shooting, and owning just about every modern hangun variant I keep coming back to the 1911 platform. I've simply yet to find a design that shoots as well as JMB's original.

    Have fun and be safe.


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    Glad to hear you get along with your new piece so well!