Springfield Armory XD/XDM Pistols Test Quiz Questions

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    Springfield Armory XD/XDM Pistols Test Quiz Questions
    I am semi-retired and I am taking a self-passed and self-taught Armorers course and now I am on the Springfield Armory XD/XDM Pistols. I hope to become a part-time light Gunsmith in the future.

    There are over 60 quiz questions covering this firearm and I have answered most of them. During my study and research I am having some problems related to some of the following quiz questions. Either I am not sure of the correct answer or I have conflicting answers.

    Can you help me determine the correct answers for these few final 6 quiz questions - either verify my answers or correct them?

    Thanks for your help.

    Note #1. Springfield Armory imports the XD/XDM pistol from what country?
    a) Brazil
    b) Croatia
    c) Switzerland
    d) Belgium

    Note #2. 'What type of locking system does the XD/XDM pistol utilize?
    a) Short recoil blowback system
    b) Long recoil blowback system
    c) Short recoil locked breech system
    d) Short recoil toggle lock system
    e) Straight blowback system

    Note #3. After firing the gun, the slide and barrel move rearward together for a short distance. - True or False

    Note #4. What causes the barrel to unlock from the slide?
    a) The linkage of the barrel that is connected to the locking insert
    b) The camming action of the barrel against the insert (locking block)
    c) The toggle action of the locking system
    d) None of the above

    Note #5. When the slide is moving rearward and the extractor has done its job, what gun part causes the cartridge or cartridge case to be ejected from the firearm?
    a) The ejection port
    b) The breech face
    c) The ejector
    d) The firing pin's tip

    Note #6. What stops the rearward motion of the slide?
    a) The steel insert (locking block)
    b) The coil binding of the recoil spring
    c) The frame of the gun
    d) The slide stop pin
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    On number 6 I would have to go with the Locking Block.
    There is no doubt that the springs on the recoil spring guide does compress when fired. But without the Locking Block there would be nothing to stop the rearward movement of the recoil spring guide assembly and Barrel. So I would have to say the Locking Block. You are correct on your other previous answers.