Springfield Armory P9C 9mm

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by JD1969, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. JD1969

    JD1969 New Member

    I ran into one of these the other day at LGS. It is in near mint shape and at $279 I thinkj it would be hard to go wrong. I know they are clone of the CZ75, but I have never known anyone who has fired one. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about these?
  2. JTJ

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    I cant find any info on the pistol.

  3. Sardine

    Sardine New Member

    I have one I bought new in 1988 and I would buy it again. It shoots straight @ 25 yds and eats anything I feed it including lead bullets... Haard to find extra magaazines for it though. That sounds like a good price too. Sorry about the messed up spacing & typing here, don't know what is happening. I wooould post one of my 25 yd targets here for you to see but that is impossible for me to do. Don't know why but it jusst won't work.
    Regards, Sardine.