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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by The Godfather, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. The Godfather

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    i was planning on buying a custom Kimber, spending around $1200+.

    but after reading reviews and getting input from other 1911 owners, im considering an SA Mil Spec. now that ive thought it over, i figured that because id mainly be using it for home defense and casual shooting at the range and not competition, i would be spending more than i need/want to going with a Kimber Eclipse. II like i was planning.

    it seems that the Mil Spec is very reliable and pretty accurate (within 4 inch groupings at 25 yards is what im looking for). and to be honest, im actually drawn to the rugged look of the "no-frills" 1911.

    and lastly, i figured with the money id be saving by going the Mil Spec route id be able to put that towards another shotty... like a Remington 870 and have some money left over for a few accessories to add on :)

    anyone own or use a SA Mil Spec? any "war stories", good or bad, would be appreciated.

  2. ladyM

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    You've got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you're not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice. ~Steven D. Woodhull
    ... I own both,one a Spgfld. basic .45 which is, as you have stated,pretty reliable and pretty accurate;the other a Kimber,only in .38 super. The .38 super is used for competition and is exceptionally accurate and exceptionally reliable !
    For casual range shooting,my Spgfld. works rather well,most of the time.It
    doesn't jam much(mostly W/ hollowpoints).......the Kimber eats anything ,is accurate and totally reliable. Were I to use the Spgfld. for home protection,I would have a gunsmith take a good long look at it and "fix" anything prone to producing problems. Probably would be cheap compared to buying another Kimber.
    What you have to ask yourself is, "How much is my (my family's) security
    worth in terms of dollars and cents ?".
    After many hundreds of rounds the Kimber refuses to "jam" !
    ..................Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got. ~Janis Joplin

  3. oldandslow

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    gf, 3/25/09

    I bought my SA milispec about four years ago for $560 from Onpoint Firearms in Florida. It now has about 4800 trouble free rounds through it, mostly 185 grain hollow points (Golden sabers, Gold dots, Taurus Gold) but also 230 grain FMJ's. It is one of the few guns I have that was good to shoot right out of the box. The single action trigger was right at four pounds with no creep. It still shoots three inch groups at 25 yards from a bench rest. The only problem I had was the mag springs which needed replacing at about the 3000 round count. Mine is still a stock pistol with no aftermarket parts except for Hogue rubber grips (I have big hands and the factory grips were too thin). It's a great pistol, give it a try so you can save the extra money for ammo.

    best wishes- oldandslow
  4. Megaton

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    I only have 200 rounds through mine so far, all 230 grain fmj, but not issues what so ever, other than the fact that I am still adjusting to the step up to .45 acp :eek:

    Hoping to put a couple hundred more rounds through mine this weekend.
  5. 741512th

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    I'm a broken record, I know, but this is a specific question with which I have experience. My Springfield Mil spec has a continuous problem with feed jams. I'm not asking for advice because I've gotten many very good suggestions on this board.

    I'm just saying, from my personal, anecdotal experience with one pistol, that the Springfield causes me some problems.
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  6. SlamFire

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    I have a mil spec, just almost like the one the Army issued me. It fits in the standard Army holster for 45 Auto. There's lots of nostalgia there, and a good shooter.

    I have a Springfield Ultra Compact too, all the bells/whistles. Used I think maybe about $600 a decade ago.

    Kimbers are over-priced, over-rated. And you don't need all the flash/glitter.

    Most shooters have no clue what the military 45 Auto looks like. All they see are "race guns."