Springfield 87A barrel bulge

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  1. glitch

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    I have seen many discussions, pro and con, on the subject but would like to get some opinions from you guys.
    I picked up a Springfield 87A cheap because of a barrel bulge. I have taken it down, cleaned and inspected it. The rifle looks and seems to function very well with the exceptions that the left extractor spring is weak and the barrel bulge, about 6" from the muzzle end. The bulge is evenly symmetrical, can be felt from the outside, and once you know it's there, can be seen by looking down the barrel. Inside can be felt with a patch and looks like an even ring with inspection light.
    Question is: is it safe to fire; would you guys fire it? I haven't had it to the range yet, so I can't comment on accuracy, but will report when/if I do.
    Thanks, all.

    I just saw griffin81's post (1-28-12). Mine is bulged at the same spot. Was this something inherent in the 87 barrel, or just coincidence? glitch
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  2. mountainman13

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    I would imagine accuracy would be terrible but I wouldn't recommend firing the gun. If the gun has little to no value (not familiar with it) you could probably have the barrel cut off before the bulge and recrowned. Probably not worth it though.

  3. BillM

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    Safe to shoot? Yes. The bullet may "skip" across the bulge,
    but nothing is going to blow up.

    Accuracy? Only way to find out is to try it. You might be surprised.

    If the bulge is beyond the 16" minimum barrel length, a cut and crown
    job can be done at home for a few dollars.

    The old 87 series Springfields are good solid 22's.
  4. hiwall

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    A bulged 22 barrel is not uncommon. Yes go ahead and shoot it. Often accuracy is not effected not the budge.
  5. glitch

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    Thank you all. I will try shooting, once I get the feed problem I discovered fixed. I hope to give a range report and pictures within the week or sell it in frustration.:rolleyes: