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    Shot my first 1911 today i picked up yesterday, it's the springfield champion 1911. I must say it is as every bit as smooth as i though it would be with the trigger pull short and crisp, it comes with the military low pro sights and i did note under a fast draw or low light they are very hard to pick up, they are the first thing on my list to upgrade. Next we get to the slide, as i had to put on eye pro due to the fact every other round i fired, the brass was thrown right back into my face pretty hard, i shot a few different ways and as per every other shot the brass came right back between my eyes, i dont know if this is normal for the spring fields but it is very annoying.That being said that was the only 2 things i noticed about the gun, other then that its my new carry gun. I shot 2 diff types of ammo that were both target ammo and i noticed at 15 yards the rounds were low on the paper and left. After playing around a bit i found that it takes a weird sight picture to produce semi accurate rounds, this gun is unlike any iv shot before but after a few clips i was well use to it, its every bit my new favorite gun:)

    First was break in at 15 yds first few mags
    2nd and 3rd were at 25 yds after a few mags of practice
    (sry for the large pics and the date is wrong of course)

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    Nice shooting!

    Not to rub it in but I'm pretty sure the members suggested to spend the extra $100 for the upgrade which includes good sights.

    The hot brass golden shower is something that is easy to fix. (If you know what your doing!)

    Check the pressure of the extractor. I bet its too lose. A little tuning and you can drop your empties into a coffee cup!

    I always measure my extractor pressure with each gun I get. There is no 'standard' for this pressure. If the brass doesn't hit you its working just fine. Then should later the brass starts to shift around and gets close to the head, remeasure and you will see the pressure shift and can re-adjust.

    Welcome to the 1911 fraternity!

    You do know that the 1911 is the only addiction that's contagious!

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    Looks good to me. :cool:
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    The King of Originality! LMAO. Tango got nuthin' on the Dude.
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    Very nice report death. After you get her tweaked in, post another report if ya can. :)
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    I'll second that, it will give us a good idea just how effective changing to better sites will make for your accuracy.
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    Gotta' like it. :D