Springfield 187,188

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    Hello again, my friend just got a Remington 550-1 at a gun show for under 100.00 what a steal. But now I want a 22 semi too. I forgot how much fun they are. There are a couple of Marlin 60's out there but I prefer the older models with the longer barrels. I found a few Springfields and an Ithica semi, how good are these? These are fairly inexpensive when compared to the Remington.
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    What's not to like about the Model 60's.

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    The basic Savage/Stevens/Springfield Model 6/87/187/etc design was manufactured over many years. It IS a good rifle. My Model 87A puts my much newer Ruger 10-22 Rifle to shame.
    But, as with any firearm that old, be sure you can check it in person before buying, or have the right to return it if faulty. You'll want to check not only the bore, butthe cartridge lift and feeding - this is where this design seems to fail most often. The good thing is, Numrich (e-gunparts.com) has all parts for these rifles, and any good gunsmith can fix them quickly.
    Also, check into the old Mossbergs. Excellent rifles and usually not expensive. I'm up to seven of them! :)