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  1. danf_fl

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    I've been working on an older .22lr. The firing pin block was broke. Found another as replacement.

    The original used solid pins to hold the combo firing pin/ejector. The new block has too small of holes for the original pins to fit. The pins are larger than 5/64", but smaller than 3/32".

    Drilling the holes to 3/32" is not an option as one pin will then have too much slop and it will allow the pin to drop into the trigger assembly.

    Can I use 3/32" spring (roll) pins? What is the best material to use?
  2. Highpower

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    Not exactly clear on what your situation is here? Are you saying the pin has to fit a smaller dia hole on the inside, and a larger dia hole on the outside?
    The local hardware store will have a selection of ready made roll pins in various sizes. Maybe not a very GOOD selection, but...... ;)

    For quick replacement solid pins I cut them to length from drill rod stock. They are inexpensive and made in any diameter you could want for the most part. Usually sold in 36" lengths and have a nice ground finish that takes bluing beautifully. Just a thought. :)


  3. danf_fl

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    Remington Model 12, pump .22lr. Firing pin/ejector is flat and has a slot that one pin is centered and has a return spring captured. The other keeps the firing pin/ejector "guided". The guiding pin is the one I can see falling in the trigger assembly.

    Drilling and inserting a larger pin involves machining the slot that has the captured spring also.
    Rough image of firing pin/ejector. One pin goes through slot, the other pin is in the "cut-out" area.
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  4. stalkingbear

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    Drill out/ream the new part to accept the standard pin. If that don't work I'd drill out everything to accept the next larger size. That way you're ensuring the new pin will fit all components. Also I'd use solid pin as Highpower suggested.
  5. danf_fl

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    Problem arose. After drilling and 3/32" solid pin, the "cut-out" on bottom of illustration would not let firing pin/ejector travel full forward. Had to get Dykem blue, and files out to work "cut-out" for the firing pin/ejector to travel full length.

    Thanks for the assist. It seems to work.