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    Okay, after my woeful range test of my Ncstar scoped 30.06 mauser I'm sceptical about opticals especially from this company. Soo... on to the subject of spotting scopes. There are hundreds of types to choose from in all kinds of price ranges. Anyone here have a favorite manufacturer? Looking for something up to near 60x for up to 150 bucks. I"m not looking for Zeiss quality for that kind of money. Just something reliable with good glass and durability. My mauser project will receive a "gooder" scope in the future. The rifle is intended as a woods/scout deer rifle. The weapon itself was cheap to purchase so silly me... I used a solid mount from B Square but a scope that although was advertised as a durable pistol scope didn't measure up. Now I know better.
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    Does a spotting scope have any advantages over a good pair of binoculars?

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    We use one for the simple fact that it is on a tri pod. IMHO it offers a wider range of magnification than a binocular.
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    Bushnell Sportview 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope is what i bought. I was doing reading up online and someone said they had a leupold spotting scope that he spent 400 on and said his friend bought this bushnell and the quality was the same and the bushnell was only $70. So i bought one and love it. i was able to see holes in a target clear up to 700 yds and even more with a shoot n c target. Cant go wrong for the price.