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Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by lehill66, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. lehill66

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    I'm looking for a spotting scope for when I'm at the range. I shoot anywhere from 100-400 yards. So I just need something to allow me to clearly see the shots at up to 400 yards. I'm thinking a 20-60x should be sufficient..Any reccommendations? I want to keep it around $100. I don't care about any bells or whistles...Just want something decent for that price
  2. MidnightExpress

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    I really like the Meade package I got a couple of years ago for Christmas. Clear optics, 20-60x60, included a hard case, soft case, tri-pod (extends 15" - 44"), just a nice little spotter package. Was around $60 at the time I believe.


  3. fireguy

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    I bought a Trekker spotting scope on sale at Cabela's a few years ago. It is a 25x75x75. It is adequate. I really would like to get a better one some time. I can see clearly the bullet holes made in paper at 100 yards. It is just not as clear as others I have looked through since then. If you pay under $100 you will get something that will probably work for you, but you will most likely want something that can provide smoother focus, magnification and sturdier base.