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    Hi there all, I just registered and tis is my first post!
    I have used forums in the past for other topics and am very pleased and impressed with what i lean and what people have to share! Ok with all that said I would like some help in regards to my Remington 58 sportsman. The stock and forearm are very old and have cracks in them. I wanted to buy a new set and the only one I can find is for the 1100 and 11/87. I spoke to a associate at bass pro and he wasn't sure. are those stocks compatible to the Sportsman 58?
    The gun was handed down to by my Dad and it would be nice to keep and use it. Its put a lot of food on my table in the
    hey Thanks in advance to all who have something to add!
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    You will likely be unable to find new replacement stocks; but you may find an old original stock on eBay, or one of the gun auction sites like gunbroker or auction arms. But if your stock is only cracked, it can be invisibly repaired with one of the modern expoxy glues and be stronger than it was new. Exaclty what will be required to repair the stocks will be determined by the amount of oil that has been absorbed into the wood and the nature of the cracked/damaged areas. I just had a double gun stock repaired that was broken completely apart at the wrist and it is now impossible for anyone to know that it was ever cracked; much less broken. I would suggest you find a good stock man and ask for an opinion.

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    cause when i looked into having one made, wow I couldn't believe the prices!
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    Sportsman 58 looks a lot like a 1100, but it's a completely different action.
    I'ts long recoil, same as the Browning A-5 and Remington 11 and 48. You
    might TRY a buttstock off of a 870 pump. It's possible that it could be made
    to fit without a lot of modification.

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    An 870 will fit. It is the same basic reciever
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    The Sportsman 58 is a gas operated semi auto shotgun, and was Remington's first gas auto. The gas action was inside the magazine tube, hence the capacity is only 2 rounds in the magazine. It was the predecessor of both the 878 and the 1100. The 11-48/Sportsman 48 was Remington's streamlined long recoil action semi.
    Keep watching eBay, and check here, they usually have some -
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    You can probably repair and refinish your stock so it looks as good as new, or get someone to do that for you. World's cheaper than having a stock set made. The 58s are good shooting guns. If Remington hadn't come out with the 1100 when they did, I might be shooting a 58. Good luck.