Sporterized Mosin Nagant

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by ptvolkmar, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. ptvolkmar

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    Does anyone have a Sporterized Mosin? I am going to buy a stock Mosin and put a Monte carlo stock on it for now. I saw a Archangel Promag stock on Youtube from the shotshow2013. It looks great, I want to do that to a Mosin as well, but I have to start somewhere. Stock Mosins are $100 to $175 and you can get really creative with them. 7.62x54R is about a .308 so it is a large caliber rifle. I plan on shooting targets at 200 yards to hone my skills.
  2. RUG3R44

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    I'd start with a M38 or m44 carbine version. I'd also add a scout mount and a red dot sight. I'm a lefty so they always put the cheek rest on the wrong side so I'd just put a rubber butt pad on the original stock and be done. HMMM I've got a m38 just sitting.............

  3. dteed4094

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    I your gonna sporterize a Mosin, do it to a 91/30 not a M38. You'll have enough extra barrel to cut off the front sights and the barrel will fit the stock better.M38 are hard to find now, it would be a shame to butcher one.