Split/ruptured .22WMR cases.

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  1. buckhuntr

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    About nine years ago I inherited a Marlin 882 SS .22WMR (among others), but didn't take the time to shoot it until a few weeks ago, to shoot squirrels out of the peacock feeder (that gamebird feed is way too pricey to feed to tree rats). Twice out of maybe 12 shots I had trouble ejecting the spent case, and both times I found a split or rupture running almost the length of the case. Ammo is Winchester Super X. Bad ammo lot, or a more serious problem? I like the gun so far.

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  2. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member

    the discoloration of the cases, i might be thinking a bad ammo problem.

    i would suggest buying some new ammo and trying it out and see if corrects the problem or continues.
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  3. hiwall

    hiwall Well-Known Member

    I agree with Dallas. It appears to be bad brass. It looks like the brass was too hard.
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  4. 303tom

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    Old Ammo !...................
  5. jigs-n-fixture

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    I’d change the ammo, and give it a really thorough cleaning.

    The ammo, because it is easy to do. The cleaning, because there may be lead build up, or even old oil built up in the bore, and that could cause pressure spikes high enough to rupture the case, and the discoloration would be a result of the rupture.
  6. Sniper03

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    IMO Definitely an ammo & brass problem!
    If there was no rust in the chamber or bore as stated. How old is the ammunition and how has it been stored? Due to the erosion on the sides of the base of the casings and the type of discoloration it seems to indicate moisture possibly? At least some serious problem with the manufacture of the casings. Even if there was a chamber issue it would not have the erosion present at the base or that type of discoloration on the case. There would be black powder burn residue on the case if it were a chamber issue. IMO. As the guys have stated. Give the gun chamber and barrel a good cleaning and get some good quality ammunition. Should solve the problem!:)

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  7. SRK97

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    Old, brittle brass? Or rough chamber?
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  8. buckhuntr

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    Cases look shiny and not discolored out of the box, and empties that didn't split look normal. I doubt that my Dad had shot the gun much, and being stainless I'd be surprised if any rust in chamber, but I'll check anyway. Ammo boxes are dry and have not been exposed to moisture that I can tell. Ammo certainly less than 20 years old, if I bought it (can't remember), it's max 9 years old.

    I've got newer ammo of different brand I'll try in it next.
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  9. tinbucket

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    Bad Brass. I have some very old.22s not mag. No porblems with them, but the .2 mag has slightly higher pressure. That brass in the photo looks brittle.