Spikes Tactical (y/n?)

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Gloves, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Gloves

    Gloves New Member

    I'm in the market for my first AR-15.
    Been thinking about it for over a year and instead ended up
    with my first 1911 :D

    Now that I saved up some more shrapnel, I'm ready. My cop
    friend has recommended I buy from the PD arms supplier who
    doesn't sell to the general public but agreed to sell to me. (FFL = yes)

    They only sell Spike's Tactical, I did a search on these forums
    and haven't come up with a solid opinion on Spikes. At one
    point someone had posted an awesome link to a spread sheet
    that I can't find, now that I want to find it. :(

    Here are some points:
    • As close to mil spec as possible
    • What do I need to know about bolts?
    • 16, 18 or 20" barrel?
    • Effective range 400+ M
    • Twist: 1 in 7 or 1 in 9???
    • Chrome or Chromoly Vanadium Alloy?
    • Need a lot of bang for buck as I am poor.
    • No, i'm not open to building my own. :(

    They are receiving a new shipment from Spikes this week
    and they'll reserve one for me. The quote should be in my
    email in the next couple days, it's expected to be an out-the-door
    cost of $1,000. Is this worth it?

    - I live in CA
    - Sales tax is TEN PERCENT!!! O M F G!
    - FFL fees
    - No shipping costs

    I'm not sure if the shipment includes:
    ST-15 Mid-Length LE Carbine [STR5035-MLS] - $809.95 : Spikes Tactical
    ST-15 M4 LE Carbine [STR5025-M4S] - $799.95 : Spikes Tactical

    P.S. Before this I had been calling around to get pricing on used ARs.
  2. russ

    russ New Member

    Spike's makes nice stuff. Nothing wrong with it at all. But $1000 seems steep for either of the models you posted.

  3. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Spikes is my pick for a stripped lower........If I can buy one before they're gone or the price goes up from $99!!!

    i've heard nothing bad about their gear!
  4. mjkeat

    mjkeat New Member

    Like whats been stated before $1000 for either of the rifles youve listed is a little much.

    Order the midlength from Spikes yourself and save some money. You wont pay tax, though you will have to pay their FFL transfer fee. Id hope that is less then sales tax would be on a complete rifle. If not find another FFL.

    $809 and the bullet button, pinned stock, and removal of the bayonet lug adds another $44.95 brining your total to $853.95 and shipping = $875.95. Add their transfer fee and youre still way under what that shop is asking. Use that money to buy extra mags or some ammo to get it zeroed in.

    You will find bad things on the net dealing w. Spikes. Most of it involves the past which the company is making efforts to change. Dont let it worry you. Spikes Tactical makes great rifles for anything any of us are planning to do.

    Heres a link to the holy "Chart" ;)
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  5. SecPro

    SecPro New Member

    Spike is good stuff. Echoing the crowd when I say that's a bit pricey too.
  6. Orrin

    Orrin New Member

    Let us know what you end up with.

    My buddy has a Spikes Tactical, and it is very nice. I will go Spikes if I do another one myself.
  7. Gloves

    Gloves New Member

    I'll let you know how it goes down.

    I have yet to recieve the final quote in my email.
    As priced +CA bullet button, 10% sales tax and
    $50 FFL transfer I think the price is about on target
    if not slightly high.

    I'll call some other local shops to see what they
    think of the price so I can get some leverage going.
  8. 147_Grain

    147_Grain New Member

    As far as the quality of parts Spike's Tactical uses, I spoke with their Armorer today and he said that FN makes their barrels / upper receivers and that they buy their lower receivers and parts kits from the same supplier that Colt uses.
  9. diggsbakes

    diggsbakes New Member

    I've used 2 of their lowers (only one is a rifle) and fit was perfect. Give it a shot.