Spike's Lowers, Poly Stripped Lowers, RRA 2-Stage & Timney Triggers

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    For instructions on how to order a firearm or AR15 lower online see our tutorial:
    How To Order a Firearm Online

    We now have confirmation of Spike's Tactical Lowers hitting us on Friday, April 27th.
    Quantities are limited, and ordering will be opened up once we confirm inventory, at APPROXIMATELY 2PM CST.
    No backorders will be allowed at this time to be fair to all customers.


    Spike's Tactical Spider (Fire/Safe markings) Stripped Lowers: $89.95 w/ FREE shipping
    Spike's Tactical ZOMBIE Stripped Lowers:$94.95 w/ FREE shipping


    We also now have these following New Frontier Armory Polymer Lowers in stock at a great price!
    New Frontier Polymer Stripped Lower Receiver:$44.95
    New Frontier Stripped Polymer Lower With LPK Installed: $64.95
    New Frontier Polymer PISTOL lower with Spike's T2 Buffer:$129.95 w/ FREE shipping

    If you have ordered one of the backordered New Frontier Polymer Lowers with a 6pos stock and want to swap at any time to a different version, please fill out this form:
    ***New Frontier Armory Lower Change Form***
    We will modify your order on our end and then call you to finalize the order.


    JoeBob has also just recieved a large batch of Timney Triggers!
    Timney AR15 3lb Trigger: $194.95 w/ FREE shipping
    Timney AR15 3lb Skeletonized Trigger: $239.95 w/ FREE shipping

    Rock River 2-Stage National Match Triggers With Lower Parts Kits


    We've received tracking updates for a large backorder
    of Rock River 2-Stage National Match Triggers with LPK!
    These will arrive by May 2nd. ALL grip versions should be available!
    We're locked in at last year's pricing through this batch, and we won't receive anymore at this price.
    Prices will go up approximately 25% going forward due to a dealer price increase from Rock River.

    This is the last time we will be able to offer these prices:
    2-Stage NM Trigger With LPK and A2 Grip: $129.95 w/ FREE Shipping
    2-Stage NM Trigger With LPK and Hogue Grip: $144.95 w/ FREE Shipping
    2-Stage NM Trigger With LPK and Ergo Grip: $144.95 w/ FREE Shipping

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