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Spencer Double Barrel Shotgun Reassembly

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Well, guys I have another question for y'all.

I have a Spencer SxS 12ga, that I bought at a gun show here in Tx and the guy said that the only problem was the right hammer didnt work and if I wanted it he would sell it to me for $200 instead of $300 so I took him up on it even if I could not fix it I got a real nice looking wall hanger for a decent price.

But my question is I took it apart to clean it and look at the hammers and the right one was all burred up and needed filing to make everything work right and now I can not seem to get bought hammer arms back in the receiver together again, and I'm kind of frustrated with it right now and I was wondering if any one out there would have an exploded view of it, or a video of somebody working on it down to the hammers, or even advise on how to put it all back together.

I think that I bit off more than I can chew on this gun but I would still like to get it back together.

Thank y'all,
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Can you post a couple of pics?
I've done some work and could probably give a couple of hints.
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