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    While searching my "box of perfect holsters," I came across this set of first generation speed-loaders, circa 1972, some may find interesting. I bought them then, and carried them until the mid 80's when I converted to semi-auto for duty carry. They were made by Tex Shoemaker Leather in S. Calif., and fit my S&W model 19 which was my duty gun at the time. They are rubber cartridge holders, which when inserted into the open cylinder, simply peel them off.

    Insert a loaded cart. holder into each end of the tube, and they are held in place by a spring-loaded plunger clip. To use them, simply press on the inside button of the holder and viola, they are in your hand.

    I like them better than the later, metal versions, because they don't depend on gravity to work.




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    I think I remember Clint Eastwood (Inspector Callaghan) using that type (or something similar) in "Magnum Force" when he was doing some rapid reloads on the ?Hogan's Alley? type course with his .44 (which I heard was really a .41 because the .44's were in short supply due to "Dirty Harry".

    I always though they looked like a good idea, but haven't ever seen any for sale.

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    I have 8 DA revolvers and have both Safariland and HKS loaders for them. I prefer the Safariland loaders as there is no release knob. Just push them ini and the center "Star' releases the cartridges. There have been many speed loaders produced over the years but these are the two that have endured the test of time.

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    The one's that Eastwood used in Magnum force were Safariland speed loaders and not the HKS, how do I know because I own both types, if you noticed in the movie when he reloads he pushes the speed loaders home using his palm with the HKS you just have to twist the knob to load, also the cops in Magnum Force use the same Safariland speed losders to re load also whatc the movie and see David Soul on the firing course reloading the same way, hope this answerd your question :)