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    Hello All, A newbie here and my first post... I have been looking for a speed loader for my Sig229 .40 and have only found a lever type plastic one so far. I bought it thinking it was gonna do the job, and it kinda does... but there has to be a better one out there somewhere. I have a metal one for my Ruger 9mm that came new with the gun and it sort of wraps around the magazine and has a little tab that pushes down the bullets while you load, and it works great, its just alittle too small for the Sig magazines. Any ideas on where to look?
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    I have some new loaders coming in from safariland! They are great! send me an email when you have a chance.

  3. dglockster

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    Take a look at the UpLULA by Maglula.
    Just scroll down to the video.
    After that, just keep scrolling for more info.

    I have a UpLULA to use with my Glock mags and a LULA to use with my AK mags.
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    Jumping in on an old thread rather than start a new one. My wife was struggling to load her 12 rnd mag on her new to her S&W M&P 9c and I began to look for a loader. The local gun stores carried some but when they looked at what guns they fit, it was never for her gun. I also saw none on the S&W site so I emailed them for a recomendation. They referred me to an online dealer and he said hands down the UPLULA was the one I need. I was just hoping it would help her some with the reloading like the one I got with my XD40. Well we were both blown away on how well and easy this loader works. Wife used it yesterday and it is truly effortless. They claim that you could load a round a second and with a little practice, I believe it. Highly recommend!