Speculating On Rifle Prices?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by HockaLouis, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. HockaLouis

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    Did you ever invest in certain rifles going up in value due to various events or timing like the 100th Anniversary of this or the likely banning of that, how, and how'd it work out for ya?

    I think I'm gonna gamble that the election of the new Pope will usher in a very strong demand for surplus Argentine Mausers and Boxer Primed 7.65 ammo in the near future.

  2. hiwall

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    You should never say that you bought a gun just to sell it and make money. That would make you a "dealer" and require a FFL.

  3. rhyno13

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    The only thing I speculated on was Ammo and AR-15's. I bought 10,000 rounds of 5.56mm and 10 AR-15's i sold them all at premium prices.
  4. JonM

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    no not really. engaged in the business means you do it at a level in which your making enough money to qualify as making a living wage at it.

    buying firearms in expectation of them going up in value doesnt hit that mark as long as your not doing a lot of it. most of the private non-ffl folks that deal in class 3 machine guns do it just for that reason.

    if your buying and selling a few guns here and there is different than selling 50to a 100 or more a year. it is a grey area and the more you do it the closer you get to attracting scrutiny.

    unless a special edition is something like a winchester 1873 one in a thousand or one in 100 which go for tens of thousands in good condition special editions dont hold any value and often decrease the gun value. same is true for guns that have been custom engraved or custom coloured or custom plated or custom tuned or custom "gunsmithed"

    for example a "john wayne" colt saa dont sell very well but you can sell an unmucked with colt saa in 45 pretty snappy quick.

    i dont think argentine anything will hold any special value because of the pope. several centuries back popes were pretty brutal and cruel individuals and weapons of war might have had some appeal based on the pope's troops. today popes and war guns really dont mesh up so i seriously doubt an argentinian pope will translate to argentine mausers going up in price in any real way.