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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by old fart, Apr 18, 2013.

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    i recently bought a nef r-92 revolver, got a good deal at $85. it had little places of rust here and there. i used rem oil, wd 40, and 0000 wool, the rust came off the frame and left little dark specs in its place. is this rust too?, its almost black in color. the frame is a blue parkerized type coating that nef put on it, with a rough dull texture. the cylinder is shiny blue with specs of rust here and there, i used the 0000 wool and oil but the small rust won't come off. i have run my nail across the cylinder and i can't feel the rust but it is visible. what else can i do to get the rust off the cylinder? i hope someone can help, thanks
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    Have u tryed balistoil and a rag . Gunzila works great at getting rid of rust

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    You can try soaking it in automotive transmission oil. Leave it in for a few days and try the 0000 steel wool again. The specks of rust some times pit the steel and some times once you remove it it leaves a white spot of bare metal. But sometimes you get a rust blue under it. That might be whats happening in your case.
    When a gun is rust blued on purpose you apply the rusting solution and then card it off this will leave a brown finish. If you want it blue you place the gun in boiling water until the rust turns black and then card it doing this over and over until it reaches the shade you want.
    Sometimes it can happen naturaly under rust you remove from just a gun not taken care of that rusts.