Spear fishing?

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    Spear fishing is something that has always interested me, but something that I never looked into. So I thought I would ask a few questions about it.

    #1 Is spear fishing an effective way of harvesting fish?

    #2 How do you spear fish?

    #3 How do you make a spear to fish with? It doesn't seem that hard and it seems like all you need is a knife to construct one, given that you find the right piece of wood.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Dzscubie

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    I'll answer;

    #1 No not to harvest, for dinner yes

    #2 You use ether a spear gun or a Hawaiian sling

    #3 A spear gun uses ether rubber bands or compressed air (pneumatic pressure) to launch a spear that is connected to a reel on the gun or looped up line. A Hawaiian sling, also called a pole spear, is anywhere from 4 feet to 8 feet long with a loop of rubber at the end and usually a three prong tip at the end. You hook your thumb in the rubber loop and stretch the loop up the length of the spear shaft and grab the shaft with your hand. You aim down the shaft and your arm and let go and like a sling shot the spear will launch.

    Pole spears are easy to build but it's much easier and cheaper to just buy a factory made one, usually made out of fiberglass.

    Both are very enjoyable ways to fish and a great way to get dinner, but both can be dangerous also. When you spear a fish the blood smell in the water and the injury signals a injured fish puts out will draw predators like barracuda and sharks. So if you spear fish make sure you keep your stringer on about a 20 foot line with a small float attached so as you fish your catch is behind and above you. Trust me you don’t want to have a couple of nice fish on a stringer on your weight belt when sharks are around.. it will ruin a good wet suit.

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    I was referring to spear fishing in a large creek or river. Like standing outside of the water and then waiting for a fish to swim by.

    Sorry about not being clear on that. Thanks for your Ocean spear fishing comment though. I never knew there was a Hawaiian Spear.
  4. Troy Michalik

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    +1 to Dzscubie. Spear fishing is like hunting and fishing at the same time.

    Although I would suggest looking up your local laws. Fresh water spear fishing is a no no in Texas.