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  1. SCC

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    Hi guys,I am buying my first pistol, but I am having a huge problem deciding between the Sig p228/9 and a glock 17. The fact of the matter is, that the glock 17 is simply the better choice for my philosophy of use. However I am madly in love with the Sig. Help me please! Despite the fact the the Glock is lighter, simpler, single action only and most importantly half the price I cannot help but feel like I am not getting what I want. I want my first handgun to be a purchase that makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas, not, the practical logical robotic decision. I know they are the best choice for civilians and home defense, in fact the only reason I don't like the Glock is cosmetic, I think they are ugly as **** I actually (and honestly) shoot them better than the Sig even, and therein lies my problem. I am sort of considering the fnp9, since they are similar to the Sigs, but again, if I'm gonna buy a $450 gun. it might as well be a Glock right?. If someone could lend a few words I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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  2. danf_fl

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    What is your purpose of buy a handgun? Self-defense? Target practice?

    Every handgun purchase is like buying a house. After you have it for a while, you find things you want to change.

    You think the Glock is the better choice, you shoot it better, it is not as expensive as the Sig (notice I did not say "cheaper than the Sig").

    IMO, get the Glock for now.

  3. JonM

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    Glocks are a mishmash they are more double action only than anything else.

    Get the gun your going to be happy with. A gun you dont like for whatever reason isnt going to be one your going to WANT to shoot enough to become really proficient with.

    Just my thoughts
  4. dnthmn2004

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    There are better choices for a $450 polymer frame handgun. I'm voting for the S&W M&P. Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically correct.
  5. Poink88

    Poink88 New Member

    Best? How did you know this? I actually believe they are great for service carry but for me, there are better choices for SD/HD.

    Because of this (most important IMHO)...I would say buy the Glock the Sig later ;)
  6. cddbrowns

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    Right there in bold should tell you everything you need to know....
  7. knfxda

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you are heavily influenced by nutnfancy based on the choice of a G17 and based on the term "philosophy of use". Stop me if I am wrong... ;) (Oh, and there's nothing wrong with either of these things, but it's the basis for my response, so if I'm wrong, disregard).

    ntf's love of all things that are light, I think, is a poor starting point for an HD gun. To me, the idea of an HD gun is the gun that you shoot the best and can put into action under stress. Why would light weight factor into this unless you're releatively small or comparitively weak that the weight of the gun is going to cause you to not shoot well?

    Now, for a carry or conceal carry, weight factors in much higher because 99.9999% of the time, you'll simply be carrying the gun and not shooting it.

    My opinion is get the gun that you shoot the best that you can afford. I'm in the same boat as you and my analysis has taken me from the G17 to all metal guns and then back to a polymer gun (XDM9).

    Why? For me, I realized that I shoot heavier guns better than lighter guns, I loved the P226 and P229, but my wife hates them and I could not justify the cost. I shoot the XDM extremely well, my wife likes it, and it's priced right.

    So, I might suggest that you keep looking to find something that has enough of what you want from the SIG and that you shoot as well or better than the G17, that's priced well enough for you the drop the hammer without a second thought. (Pun intended, unfortunately) :D
  8. utf59

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    What, exactly, is your "philosophy of use"?

    After reading your post, it seems to me that the Sig isn't what you want and the Glock also isn't what you want. Instead of choosing between them, perhaps you should be crossing both off your list.

    We can all tell you about our favorite guns and why we like them, but without knowing what you want from the gun, we can't really help you.
  9. fireguy

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    If you really like the Sig, get it. For range shooting you will like the heavier pistols better for recoil management. Disclaimer: I am not a Glock fan. Just not for me. I do have and shoot polymer 9mm's. A XDm and Keltec P11. I also have a heavy Ruger P89 that is great for range shooting. Get what you want and will be happy with. Make sure it fits your hand well. Learn it, love it, and shoot it. Enjoy.
  10. orangello

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    They are like chips; most will want a second, and a third. Get the more affordable one now and the fancy one later. Just make sure that you can enjoy the affordable one enough to practice with it.
  11. Yunus

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    It sounds like your not 100% sure about the sig.

    My advice.... get both! :)

    Seriously though what is your main purpose for the gun? What went into your decision making process so far(why glock or sig only)?

    We can offer advice but without more info we are guessing or telling youwhat we prefer.
  12. stalkingbear

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    I think you need to get what you REALLY want. If you don't you'll be kicking yourself in the butt until you do. Skip the heartache of buying something that you won't be satisfied with. Buy the Sig! You'll get better with it once you get used to it.
  13. StanDJ77

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    Sounds to me you want us to make your mind up for you. I say this because after reading your post, seems to me you really want the sig. If you practice enough with the sig, you should shoot better with it.
  14. sweeper22

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    Like new used Sigs can be found for under $600. Go to a gun show, look for Sig dealers that are stocking "CPO" Sigs in the red plastic boxes. They're excellent guns and for my own preferences, they're a big step above Glocks.

    That said, I think you need to explore other options. And I think that until those other options are explored, Glock is probably more practical than Sig for you, based on what you've already said. One of the issues I would have with a Glock 17 (were I in your shoes) is that being in California, you can't even take advantage of the capacity of a full-framed 9mm. I think that might point me in a different direction...that could be a different design (revolver, 1911, Sig P239), smaller frame (Glock 19/26), or even a larger caliber.
  15. SCC

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    Wow, well you guys have definitely given me a lot to think about. First off, a lot of people questioned what exactly do I want this for, I want it for range shooting and home defense, in that order. As for thinking that the Glock is a more appropriate HD weapon, I am simply basing it on the sig DA/SA trigger system, I figure if I am under duress it will be easier to acquire my target and fire the Glock. This is just my own supposition however, not based on fact. In answer to someone's question, Yes I love Nutnfancy, it was through his guidance that I have narrowed my choices to Glock, Sig and FNP, however I have shot all of these personally, and do know that practice results in proficiency, meaning I will get better with time. In answer to someone else Yes, I do want you guys to "choose for me", that would be fantastic...
    Thank you everyone for your advice, this community is outstanding I will post my decision hopefully within the next week. As I stand now I am leaning towards the Glock for affordability, but I have a very mercurial personality, I know that in my gut I want the Sig, so let the battle begin : Want vs Wallet
    Thank you everyone for your help
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  16. utf59

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    For me, I know what the choice would be, because I've already made it. I bought a Glock. And a couple more. And most recently, a Springfield XDM. For me, it's a matter of not liking DA/SA guns. I just want to learn one trigger pull per gun. Obviously there are plenty of people who feel differently because there are lots of DA/SA guns out there.

    With all that said, I say go with your gut and get the Sig.
  17. Flat4sti

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    You know what my favorite gun is? The ones I own.
  18. Civilian

    Civilian New Member

    To me they would both feel like christmas morning, haha. A lot of people see the Glock as one basic square design but with some features they look sweet, like a light brown duracoated grip is the most amazing look on a Glock.
  19. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Sounds like you're setting yourself up for a big letdown should you get the glock.

    If this is truly your first pistol you need to realize this decision is based 100% on emotion and 0% experience. Keeping that in mind, your decision is based on the advertising to the masses. Chances are this emotion based purchase will be wrong. You are buying your handgun from the endcap of the drugstore. Trust me on this one!

    No pressure here but realize that should your first handgun be a mistake and it turns into a negative experience this wrong pick may end your future in shooting.

    To a person, we do this because it is fun! When it's not fun, we go bowling. (Or new gun shopping!)

    My advice, find some friends with guns and go shoot the snot out of them. Build your experience and find the difference between the crappy glock trigger and a true SA 1911 trigger. Find the difference between a firing pin and a striker fired weapon, Witness the felt recoil with the same caliber steel vs plastic gun.

    I could go on ad nauseam, but I'll bank on you following my drift.

    The more experience you build, the lighter the fall when you make a purchase mistake. We all have, and if you track like the majority of your brothers here, this is just the first of many purchase decisions.

    Good luck.
  20. Thadeuce

    Thadeuce New Member

    ::Initiating Soapbox Program::

    Well let me add my shiny pennies here...SCC, I had almost the same problem. I was torn between getting a Glock 17 and an Hk Usp. I bought the Glock. Didn't regret it but wasn't totally happy. I kept feeling like I was missing something. Then I bought a couple of M&P's. I liked the trigger better but still shot the Glock better. Then I got an XD. The trigger was better than the Glock AND I shot it comparably well. Then I had an epiphany...perhaps I should be concerned with improving myself instead of relying on the tool to do the work. I now have 5 pistols that I shoot well. Instead of one that works (because I like it), I have 5 that work because I look at them as an extension of my skill.

    DO - Get what you want to get.

    DON'T - Get bogged down in what it is.

    DO - Use your choice of weapon well.

    DON'T - Stop improving and evolving as person and a shooter.

    ::Soapbox Program terminated::