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Spanish CETME

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Guys I need a little advice, I am planning to buy a military rifle, now it's a long story but to cut to the chase I live in France and I have to plan ahead and apply to the local Prefecture (Local Goverment Office for the department one resides) for a Catagory 1 authority.

Now it's not a problem because I am a member of a club and the shooting Federation but it's a one shot deal, it's just a ball ache.

I am applying for a 308 rifle and I quite fancy a CETME as I had a G3 in the UK some years ago before we had to hand them over, and I can't get one here. I travel to the US on business from time to time and I have it mind to obtain one in the US with spare magazines and export it back home (legally of course) having already ahead of time got the approval and documentation from the Prefecture and the Dounes (Customs). My question is quite simple the last time I was there there where quite a few about in good shape, what is the position now and approximate cost.

Many thanks.............
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On the CETME, your best bet is to look for a "Black Widow", it's basically a Cetme with a Black set of Furnature, better than Average Action and costs a bit more than the regular CETME, but well worth it!

Now the bad news! As Far as CETME's go, Shotgun New,s SOG, Centruty arms and AIM surplus, all used to carry them and they were all about 450-500 on the Regular CETME, and maybe another 50-75$ on the Black Widow, I just looked at a shotgun news and not a CETME IN Site? Your best bet will be to have a look at some of the Auction sites that carry long guns and hope for the best!

If you need any Links to the auction sites, write back and we will see if we can help! I don't envy you the paperwork and Bull-S--T of the import to France, but as you said, it will be more possible than england! Good luck with all that mess!
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I'm sorry to hear about your G-3! I've owned a few H & K 91's and yes, did get a chance to fire a G-3 once oversea's in Africa, but thats been amny moons ago! England and Most of the UK has Gun Laws I just could not Live under! Hell, Northern US is bad enough! I moved away for those states for that reason as well!

I wish you luck in your search, If you can, The "Black Widow" model of CETME is about the best I've seen? It had Plastic Black Furnature, a decent set of sites and I believe a flash hider? I don't recall the details, but they were a lot better condition and function than a lot of the older CETME with the older wood stock that CENTURY sold for the longest time! YUP< in the end, if you can get it, Do it now, as it's not going to get any easier to find or any cheaper, thats for dam sure!

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Hello RICK


Well, yes, we are, he asked a reasonable question, asked for help and I responded, like the group is supposed to? Is it really a big suprise? I can dish it out, but I can be civil when the time is right as well?

Now, Rick, anything to add about the CETME situation and where he can find one here in the USA?
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