Spanish 25 acp questions

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    hello all, new to the forum, not to firearms. I picked up this little 6.35 (or 25 auto, whichever you prefer to call it) in addition to other gun parts at an auction. only problem is there is no brand name on it & i'm missing most of the slide internals. so since i don't know exactly what it is, it's a little hard to track down parts for it. here's some pics:


    my best guess is it's an astra because of the oblong opening for the muzzle, but this doesn't have a grip safety like the astra's i found online do. the slide simply says "Pistol Automatic Cal 6.35."

    The serial number is 2327, as for the markings on the frame one resembles a shield with a knights helmet on top of it with an "X" in the middle of the shield. next to that is either an "L" or possibly "D." Next to that is what looks like a circle with a crown on top of it, in the middle of the circle is either an "F" or "P." this mark is also right above it on the slide.

    Any & all help will be greatly appreciated
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    Shot in the dark here (pun intended). Do some searching for "Ruby" pistol. At one time, I think half of Spain was involved in making .25 autos. Many were cottage industry guns- you made firing pins, your cousin made extractors, your Tio Juan made springs, etc. Name Gabilando Y Urrequetta comes to mind, and with a lot of other folks that were the final assemblers of parts. Markings are Spanish proofs (P is a circle is a nitro pistol proof)