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    Is the sp101 double action only?
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    Bought myself a 101 4.2 inch .357. Cabela's had the thing on sale for $620, but 5 or 6 ft. down the counter there as another marked used for $450. After closely examining it, it didn't appear to be much "broken in". After getting it home I began to dry fire it, and after an evening of that the next day I disassemble it. The dry firing showed were metal was rubbing on metal. Demi drill polishing wheel time; all the places showing contact were polished. The hammer spring I shortened 1 1/2 coils. Reassembly went smoothly - almost. The spring that puts tension on the hand launched itself and needed to be found ( a large magnet on a pole worked well) I found to re install that little rascal I employed some packing tape around the trigger/ trigger guard to hold things where they needed to be worked well. The 101 hadn't been disassembled before so the plunger that holds the back of the trigger group in place needed a couple of tries before in snapped into place. So, the trigger pull is a little smoother and a little lighter.
    It shoots well and the wood inserts on the grip make it a pretty little thing. It uses the same speed loaders as my J frame Smiths. I initially figured it would fit the holsters for my 4" kit gun (63 Smith), I was wrong.
    So what did I gain over a 3" Smith? A longer sighting distance between front sight and rear, and a green fiber optic sight, being a Ruger I hope I gained a little more durability. When the weather warms (-5 this A.M. with -20+ wind chills) will put it on the chronograph and find out in I gain the 100 f.p.s. I'm hoping for. A longer barrrel is no guarantee of increased velocity.
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    Depending on the load, you should pick up the 100 fps and maybe up to 200 fps.