sovereign 22 need a clip!

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    man i looked everywhere for the magazine to this gun with no luck i was wondering if anyone had one mabye or know where to get it .
    MAR-Made in Italy-Mod SM84 Cal 22 LR it says on the side i search it and the brand name sovereign . no freaking info on this gun and its almost like it does not exsist ... i paid 50 dollars for it and the magazine was the only thing i need i been putting 1 bullet in at a time its a semi automatic 22 , i really want to use it hehe like it should be!

    pictures..[email protected]/?saved=1
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    First, here's where you can get parts...Sovereign*|*SM84*|*

    Second, history. Sovereign has three known rifles, the "Little Joe" single-shot LJ-22 Bantam, the SM64 & the SM 84 that were manufactured from 1981-96 They were imported by Excam until 1990.

    Reportedly part of Franchi's (Italy) production, but I don't know how accurate that statement is. It's supposed to be a copy of the Anschutz Auto-loaders...again, don't know how accurate that statement is either.

    Bob's Gun Parts EXCAM GUN PARTS, Bob's Gun Shop We Bought the Excam Parts Department.Excam Targa GT-27 Pasrts. Excam 32 Autromatic Parts. Excam .380 Automatic Parts. Excam Senator Shotgun Parts. Excam TD-22 Rifle Parts, Excam Little Joe Rifle Parts, Excam Warrior Re & Numrich (E-guns) bought most, if not all of Excam's leftover parts stock...should be able to find most items there. Numrich DOES NOT have the magazine. Bob's shows a magazine for the SM-64 @ $40.

    Watch out for the Barrel/Action thumbscrew, reportedly folks have to drill/tap & replace them with slightly larger Setscrews because they work loose over time.

    NOTE: The parts numbers for the SM64 & SM84 are THE SAME all the way down the line. So THEORETICALLY, the mags should be interchangeable, along with all the rest of the parts.
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  3. madgamer4709

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    thx wow 40 dollars for a magazine thats kinda high for me , i was thinking 20$ o well i guess i get it when i get 40 dollars of free spending money for now i just shoot it like a 1 shot lol
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    You will find your clip at Welcome to Numrich Gun Parts Corp. just put in the gun and model #. It is $26. and some change.