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South Carolina responds to the AWB

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HockaLouis said:
"With Montana leading the way, eight states have passed firearms freedom acts including, Alaska, South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming."

They have already been put on notice -- that their state code will not supplant federal reach over controlled items such as firearms.

By the way, that whole 10th Amendment thing was killed by The Left back in WWII. If a farmer in one region of the country can't raise wheat to feed the chickens on his own farm because he COULD otherwise buy it from a farmer in another region, thereby giving The Federal Gov't express authority over what he does on his own land, they aren't gonna be allowed to start distributing "Montana Only" machine guns.

They can't deport illegal aliens who speak two words of English ("dream act") but they can sue Arizona and invade Helena...
Well, you got me on the history end of it. But, it was nice to dream, even if only for a moment.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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