Sourcing a galil or AK receiver, FFL 100% complete

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by triggernomic, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. triggernomic

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    Anybody know where I can obtain a finished galil or AK receiver, preferably a milled receiver. Also, with the milled receiver, how is the barrel block attached to the receiver, and is it already installed (press the barrel in myself) ??

    Never put together an AK. Bought a Romanian AK and Hungarian AMD64 previously, both with stamped receivers. Would like something a little firmer. Besides, they were all sub $300 back then. Now they want $450 for something used and abused, and I'd still be stripping all the parts away but the receiver and barrel anyways.

    Edit: Found a PSL-54 receiver (appears to be a dragunov). Anyone know how much of a difference or interchangable parts from an AK with one of these would be?

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  2. Pjj342

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    check out cncwarrior for receivers. The dragunov receiver will be longer and made for 7.63x54, so the mag well and everything else will be way different.

  3. sksmerc

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    I am also seeking a receiver for a ak-74 have found some finish for a good price but i had the barrel question as well which i haven't got awnsered