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    for me, of all people, to be asking. Even more odd, giving who I am asking for.

    Former president James Earl Carter just emerged from cranial surger to alleviate a subdural hematoma which was putting pressure on his brain. He has had a sort of rocky past few months...several falls, fractured hip... Not good things to happen to a man of 95.

    A few kind words on his behalf would certainly not go amiss.

    Perhaps he might have been... well ... too nice for being President. There is definite respect here as a fellow former military man, and as a generous man of his time, funds, and SELF. (Teaching Sunday school, Habitat for Humanity...)

    and, thats about what I got.
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    I, too, admire Jimmy Carter. He is a wonderful man. I hope he rallies.

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    He was, up until 2008, the worst president ever. Now he's arguably the second worst.

    I truly hope that what he's done after his presidency will be his legacy. Though I still don't necessarily agree with his politics, through habitat, Sunday school and other volunteer work, he sets an example for the rest of is as to what we should strive for in giving back to our communities.
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    I have a hard time admiring a wealthy guy doing things for the poor ...... I admire a average guy with modest income helping out a neighbor that can't do something for themselves . Housing projects all over the world were nice new places given to poor people & the turned them into shambles in a few years . I will teach a man to fish to feed himself but not go catch it to give it to him .
    That all said I do think his good deeds are nice . The motives is where I get suspicious .
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    I personally think he sucked as a President, but was truly an honest and pious man.

    I pray for his recovery, as he was - and is - a good man (expect for that President thingy).
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