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    BUT! I got to take out my rock Island Armory 1911MS (the 4 incher) along with my other goodies (ar15, Yugi M24 47, etc) and I went up to the California High Desert.... and fired 200 rounds of 45 acp, around 300/400 5.56 and .223, and about 60 rounds of 7.92x59... 10 of which I used the hood of my car, and splattered rice and Guac from bakers on my windshield:p Even with surplus ammo, I was averaging about 1-2 MOA depending on positions with the Yugi, out to around 200 yards. beyond that... I hit a big steel box at around 400 yards, but I didn't investigate where the shot placed, Just that ringing echo satisfied me:) I just installed a Wilson Beavertail Grip safety and Value Line Hammer, STI long curved plastic trigger, Novak "standard GI cut" carry rear sight, and hogue sidepanel/ palm swelled Grips.
    And damn if it's not an awesome weapon. I had a couple fails to feed, but I'm only at the 300 round mark, but no fails to fire, and I was shooting minute of bad guy out the 15 yards:) Fun day and sorry for no pics:(

    OH! and I got my best friend's wife addicted to shooting. Fun day.
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    That sounds excellent and it's always great when you can successfully introduce someone new to shooting. :cool: