Soon to be officer: What gun should I buy!?

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  1. JayFBI23

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    In the next year or so I will be working for a police department and I have been looking into firearms. I have only had minimal experience so far but the guns i have shot are;

    9mm Baretta (it was okay)
    I have shot two different .40's and neither i was a big fan of, my dads .40 has a really powerful kick.
    Glock 17 (not a fan)
    .22 (horrible gun, jammed all the time)
    .45 Kimber 1911 (loved this gun).

    The next gun I want to "test drive" is a SIG P220. Sigs seem like great guns and I believe since i am not a glock fan that I would be safe carrying a .45 in the field. sigs have high reviews so far. people keep telling me it is what fits right in my hands; well so far i have shot the best with the kimber no problem. But I thought I would try a sig. Any thoughts?
  2. mountainman13

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    Most departments have some sort of regulations covering what you can or can't have for a duty weapon. You should check with the department.
    Also something to keep in mind they may also have basic requirements for how your entry weapon is outfitted.
    The Sig is a great gun, not always easy to get hands on though. Hell I'm in Massachusetts they're made less than an hour away and they are hard to find.
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  3. zaitsev44

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    I suggest either this...

    Or this.....

  4. orangello

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    FBI? Do you know Bobthefed? ;)

    But seriously, have you tried the XD line from Springfield? Have you tried a 1911 other than the Kimber? Have you tried a CZ-75b (really comfy grip)?

    You haven't passed even the very tip of the iceberg, continue on with your search.
  5. JonM

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    Firearms have little to do with police work.

    Police work is 40% boredom, 30% dealing with and writing reports about with REALLLLLY stupid people, 29.99% dealijg with paperwork, and .01% firearms.
  6. elfmdl

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    I was going to recommend a desert eagle, but your suggestions are better! Make a statement!
  7. orangello

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    Perhaps you could suggest a brand of coffee, a business writing course for those in rehabilitative work, and a favorite cure for paper cuts? ;)
  8. cluznar

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    The Beretta 9rFS Type M9A1 9mm is an excellent weapon, 15 round mags, a tried and true gun. Also a S&W M&P full size 9mm or maybe a Beretta PX4 Storm full size. Here is another gun you would probably not thought of the Ruger P95, it is nothing fancy but very dependable, You might also look at a full size Bersa Thunder Pro.
  9. armsmaster270

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    Check with your future department to find out what caliber's and Make/Model's are allowed. Sig 220 is a good choice, as is the Sig 226 in either 9/40/357Sig. Or you may be forced to carry a issued weapon.
  10. HighSpeed

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    In the next year or so? Are you hired anywhere yet? If it's that long of a time frame before you have a job you've got plenty of time to try out a bunch of different guns.

    First off, see what the other guys are carrying.

    Secondly, does the dept provide a pistol but also give an option to carry personally owned guns?

    See if you can get a copy of their firearms policy. The 220 is a great gun, but the dept may require a minimum ammo capacity. The 220 holds 9 total. Give a look at the 227; it's .45 but holds more than the 220.
  11. MisterMcCool

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    KIMBER! :confused:
  12. Kdub

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    As mentioned above find out what your department carries and get that. They will issue you a gun. Some departments let you carry your own, but why carry a personal to beat up and get taken away if a deadly use of force occurs? My department has a list of "department approved firearms" that can be carried. They issue Glock. So I have a personal Glock that I can train with that is the same as my duty. ( I can also train with my duty.). Start there and aquire other brands/favorites as money dictates.
  13. CHLChris

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    I think it has basically been said here, but find out what the local departments are issuing their officers and buy one of those guns.

    If they issue Glock 22's, perhaps you could get a G23 or G19. I'm not sure why the G17 doesn't float your boat, though. I would bet the G22 is going to be the ticket, which means a G17 would be a fine trainer. Though, a G22 with a 9mm conversion barrel is a pretty great option, as well.
  14. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    Many departments will dictate exactly what gun you will use or dictate a specific block of handguns and calibers you can choose from. This can be to support maintenence contracts, and parts availability, and training simplification, and ability to share magazines or ammo in the field. If you ask at the department that you want to be hired into, they should be able to tell you what is available.

    Most departments I've seen pretty much issue only one model and caliber for service weapon. Sometimes they will have an alternative for smaller personnel, bu tusually not a lot of choices. I have seen more variety allowed for back-up handguns, but even there theyre is usually an apporved list of manufacturers and calibers.

    Smith and Wesson M&P pistols are pretty nice. I know you daid you are not a Glock fan, but many departments use them. From what I have observed, most departments issue, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig, or Beretta firearms. Some issue H&K or FN, but those are a bit more rare. Some will allow a 1911 for more experienced officers or officers in special units.
  15. Ultimate_sig

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    Buy a bazooka, if you pulled me over with a bazooka I would give you plenty of respect, I wouldn't talk back, and if you have me a ticket I would definitely pay and show up to court.
  16. Ultimate_sig

    Ultimate_sig New Member

    Plus even if you miss with a bazooka you still don't miss
  17. jackrich3

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    S&W Model 57, .41 magnum. You asked......
  18. robocop10mm

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    As a 29 year LE veteran I have some suggestions

    A duty sidearm must have ALL of these features

    1. Be approved by your agency
    2. Have a light rail
    3. Have duty holster available to carry the gun with the light installed
    4. Fit your hand
    5. Reasonably accurate in YOUR hands
    6. Have night sights

    If a .40 is too much, there is NOTHING wrong with a 9mm. "Carry the largest caliber you can shoot WELL."

    In no particular order;

    Glock, HK, Sig (with light rail), S&W M&P, FNX, Springfield Armory (most bang for the buck in 1911 pattern guns IMHO).