Soon-To-Be First-Time Gun Owner -- Need Advice

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by DSan, Sep 29, 2008.

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    In relation to this topic: Best Shotgun & Load-Out For Home Defense

    I've never owned a gun. My reasons for deciding to buy one now are listed in the thread linked above. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). I need to know what my *first step* should be for my girlfriend and myself. Needed licenses, what kind of classes we should take, and the like.
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    Find a local gun range and see what they have available. Basic firearms safety would be a good choice, as would Basic Self Defense with a Firearm. How to hold the weapon, how it works, etc. If they have a basic pistol or a basic shotgun class, that would be my second recommendation.

    You are going to have to get familiar with the weapon, and you will have to have the female get familiar with it as well. Having a firearm in the house isn't going to do any good if neither of you can use the thing in the dark. :rolleyes:

    Better plan on lots of practice, especially with a shotgun, to get the feel of the recoil and the pattern spread at distance. Contrary to popular opinion, it is highly probable you will miss with with one, or more, of your shots once the adrenaline kicks in and you really have to put the training to use.

    The more trigger time you have with the weapon, the better you will be able to anticipate what is going to happen if/when you have to pull the trigger.


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    No licenses needed for long guns. Clark county only requires handgun registration. What part of town do you live in? There are still a few WalMarts that sell guns. You can find pump shotguns for around $200. They do layaway if you can't come up with all the money at once.

    Call or visit Master Shooter's Supply on Sahara: 4017 W Sahara Ave (702) 871-8511 He has pistol and concealed classes, he might have shotgun too. Otherwise just run out into the desert once you have your shotgun and practice. Buy some watermelons or pumpkins and set them up on a little table and shoot at the distance you have in your apartment. Don't forget to aim, don't just point it's not always accurate enough. You can get a recoil pad if you're concerned about the kick.

    Also remember to avoid being a target, blend in as much as you can with those who already live there. Keep people out of your place unless they're trusted friends. No stranger needs to see what you have inside. Of course, move out as soon as you can too. I know there are places here I sure wouldn't want to live in....
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    LMS Defense has a substantial presence in LV. There's a gent, by the name of Ernie Beckwith, very polite, patient instructor for them and a local 'rent a gun' range. I'll try to get a phone number for you.
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    I like the 'just in case' Mossberg kit. That would be any easy one to weild in an apartment or urban setting. It's probably gonna hurt when you fire it though, since it has no shoudler stock. All the recoil goes to your wrist instead of your shoulder. I'll throw a wrench in your thought process by suggesting a New England Firearms "Protector". I don't know what you're willing to spend but I got mine for $180 and it's very dependable. It's almost an exact copy of the Rem. 870.

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    I had no experience with guns , went to my local range and found they had several classes. They would rent you a gun for the classes. After I passed the first 2 classes , I had to have my own gun for the 3rd. By that time ( and after shooting on my own at the range) I was comfortable with a gun , and knew what I liked and didn't like in a gun. That allowed me to make a more informed decision when it came time to buy one.
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    Tech- for the person that did not grow up around guns, you have just described one of the BEST means possible of making an informed choice. Good for you!:D
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    Dsan, the best thing to do is go to a range that rents firearms and shoot some. In most cases a pistol is a better defense weopon than a shotgun due to size/ability to get it quick when you need it fast and the ability to use it in close quarters. With that said a pistol (expecialy for a first time gun owner) requires training and practice. So if your comitted to procecting your home and love ones I suggest the following.

    Go to a range that rents firearms and tell them your situation. Don't let them sell you something right away, explain that you want you and your girlfriend to know how to use the firearm well and only want what will work for your situation. Then shoot as many firearms as possible to find the one that truly fits your needs. After you find the one that fits your needs everyone that may use the firearm in your home should go through training and after training you should practice often to keep the skills sharp. The time and expense to find the right firearm and to get proper training is even more important than the firearm itself.

    If you choose the wrong firearm and get no training at best the firearm will be taken from you if someone breakes in and at worse it could be used against you and yours. Most of the firearms the bad guys have were taken from honest hard working people.
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    Tech, good for you!
    Sounds like you did it right, so the question is what gun did you buy? It might help other new to firearms narrow there choice.
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