Sony Vaio laptop - the Fit 11A (Flip 11) battery issue

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    Sony released a warning Friday: If you have one of their Vaio laptops, users should “immediately discontinue use, shut down and unplug.”

    Done? No, really, go do it now. The Japanese manufacturer says the tablets have a massive battery problem that may cause a fire.

    According to Time, the electronics giant warned consumers its latest Vaio laptop, the Fit 11A — also sometimes called the Flip 11 – contains “a compromised battery pack that could overheat and burn the computer’s housing.”

    “It has come to our attention that some of the internal, non-removable battery packs provided to us by a third party supplier and included in VAIO Fit 11A released in February 2014 have the potential to overheat resulting in partial burns to the housing of the PC,” Sony said in a press release.

    The company is currently notifying over 25,000 Vaio owners about the potentially faulty batteries. The VAIO Fit 11A was introduced worldwide earlier this year, offering a small-screen update to the larger Fit convertible laptops, but the new version failed to make much of a dent in the market.
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    The Chinese are calling it payback! Like they're not going to screw over a Japaneses company at every opportunity and anyone want to make a bet on where that "third party" company is from!!!! :D :D